Senior citizens transform their retirement center into a casino to avoid being evicted.


Mark is the well-liked apartment manager of the Maplewood Retirement Center, owned by his father, Charlie. The senior residents lead a happy life, swimming, playing bingo and poker for pennies. Among them is Mark's grandfather, 75-year-old Abe Goldenbaum who lost his entire life savings at the blackjack table.

Times are tough and Charlie is forced to sell the building to a strip mall developer.   Charlie gives Mark the lousy job of evicting his grandfather and the other tenants, leaving them only one month to find new homes. The seniors are devastated. Some have nowhere to go. Others fear having to live in a nursing home or with their children.

When Abe plays blackjack with Mark and his buddies, Abe wipes them out, and that gives Mark an idea. The seniors can raise the money to buy the place themselves by transforming their retirement center into a casino.

They go for it! They blacken the windows, take down the clocks, and the strangest casino ever conceived is born. Cheaters are taken out back and tortured with prune juice.   They create Vegas-themed buffets. And since no casino would be complete without entertainment, the senior women become dancing showgirls. Meanwhile, they have to keep the casino secret from Charlie and evade the cops.


Quarterfinalist, Slamdance Screenplay Contest
Quarterfinalist, Page International Screenwriting Awards